ID# Song Quote - Artist, Title
281 Life is never what it seems, and every man must meet his destiny. - Styx, Castle Walls
318 Nothing ever goes as planned, it's a hell of a notion. Even pharaohs turn to sand, like a drop in the ocean. - Styx, Nothing Ever Goes As Planned
340 Pieces of eight, the search for the money tree, don't cash your freedoms in for gold. - Styx, Pieces Of Eight
408 The flesh is strong, the spirit is stronger. - Styx, Shed Your Skin
619 I look to the sea, reflections in the waves spark my memory. Some happy, some sad, I think of childhood friends, and the dreams we had. - Styx, Come Sail Away
740 So if you think your life is complete confusion, because your neighbors got it made. Just remember that it's a grand illusion, and deep inside we're all the same. - Styx, Grand Illusion
1286 Just some kind of leftover clown, now you’re like Quasi Modo crying. - Styx, Killing The Thing That You Love
1609 Sad story, old story, bring out the band. Another divorce, just a few hundred grand. - Styx, Half-Penny, Two-Penny
1635 That's my old man that's sitting over there, and that's not the look of love that he's got in his eyes. - Styx, You Better Ask
1739 I'm gonna take you on a midnight ride, meet you little girl back at my hotel. - Styx, Midnight Ride
1821 America spells competition, join us in the blind ambition, get yourself a brand new motor car. - Styx, Grand Illusion
1827 Another year has passed me by, still I look at myself and cry. - Styx, Man In The Wilderness
1873 Every night I'm more alone as the saints turn into sinners. - Styx, Show Me The Way
1907 Hard times come, hard times go, in between you hope and pray the scars don't show. - Styx, Why Me?
2007 Is it any wonder I'm null and void, is it any wonder I've got too much time on my hands. - Styx, Too Much Time On My Hands

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