ID# Song Quote - Artist, Title
421 The only real person you need to know is you. - Alice Cooper, Living
875 Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey stoopid. - Alice Cooper, Hey Stoopid
900 If you could use your brain like you use your ass… - Alice Cooper, Remarkably Insincere
1492 All sliced up and sealed tight in baggies. Guess love makes you do funny things. - Alice Cooper, Millie And Billie
2651 I can't go to school, cause I don't have a gun. I ain't got a gun, cause I ain't got a job. I ain't got a job, cause I can't go to school. - Alice Cooper, Lost In America
2656 I got a muscle of love. - Alice Cooper, Muscle Of Love
3075 Do you feel your best when your strung out on your morphine and meth? - Alice Cooper, Jack Knife Johnny
3100 Give me lace and whiskey, Mama's own remedy. - Alice Cooper, Lace And Whiskey
3277 Stick a needle in your arm, you bite the dust, you buy the farm. - Alice Cooper, Hey Stoopid
3778 I don't know, but I've been told, the streets of hell are paved with gold. - Alice Cooper, Cleansed By Fire
3838 I'm hidden in the scream when the virgin dies, I'm the ache in the belly when your baby cries, and I'm the burning sensation when the convict fries. - Alice Cooper, Pain
3853 It's a compliment to me to hear you screaming. - Alice Cooper, Pain
4226 It's not like we did something wrong. We just burned down the church while the choir within sang religious songs. - Alice Cooper, Inmates
4265 I read Dad's books like I did before, now things are crystal clear. Lock the door in the bathroom, now I just can't get caught in here. - Alice Cooper, Muscle Of Love
4736 I can't get my wrists to bleed, just don't know why suicide appeals to me. - Alice Cooper, The Quiet Room

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