ID# Song Quote - Artist, Title
1902 Gotta get myself a million, gonna turn that into a billion. - Nelly, The Dem Wrappas
1932 I can see the greed and envy in your eyes. - Nelly, Greed Hate Envy
3195 Imagine blocks and blocks of no cocaine, blocks with no gun play. - Nelly, Nellyville
3262 Smoke that herb and clear your mind. - Nelly, Batter Up
3361 Believe it or not, I swear I'm just a human being. - Nelly, Splurge
5753 I'm liver than Jay, Davy, and Kathy and Regis, been on more MTV shows than Butthead and Beavis. - Nelly, Jangalang
5834 My whole staff love to laugh and count the money. On the couch, hands in our pants like Al Bundy. - Nelly, Okay
6013 Two is not a winner, and three nobody remembers. What does it take to be number one? - Nelly, Number 1
6834 Proceed to not smoke weed around the seed. - Nelly, Show Em What They Won
7069 Off in the coupe, spreadin' the loot with my family and friends, and my closest of kin. - Nelly, Number 1
7877 Nobody living average, everybody jang-a-lang. Nobody living savage, everybody got change. - Nelly, Nellyville
10722 If I think with my dick, then I put your mouth on my brain. - Nelly, Batter Up
11172 Don't stop ever loving me, you can always smoke with me. - Nelly, Luven Me
11364 I smoke herb, but what's the harm it that? - Nelly, CG 2
12183 My grammar be's ebonics, gin tonics, and chronic. - Nelly, Country Grammar

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