ID# Song Quote - Artist, Title
353 Remember why you came, and while you're alive experience. - Incubus, The Warmth
879 I bite my tongue every time you come around, cuz blood in my mouth beats blood on the ground. - Incubus, Blood On The Ground
1167 Floating down a river named emotion, will I make it back to shore or drift into the unknown. - Incubus, Aqueous Transmission
1216 I need a map of your head, translated into English so I can learn to not make you frown. - Incubus, Clean
1437 Under my umbrella, I'm an accomplished exile. - Incubus, Under My Umbrella
1889 Floating in this cosmic Jacuzzi we are frogs oblivious to the water starting to boil. - Incubus, Warning
2304 You could see me reaching, so why couldn't you have met me halfway? You could see me bleeding, but you could not put pressure on the wound. - Incubus, Mexico
2574 I'm counting UFOs, I signal them with my lighter. And in this moment I am happy. - Incubus, Wish You Were Here
2584 Lately I've been thinking of combustication as a welcomed vacation from the burdens of the planet earth. Like gravity, hypocrisy, and the perils of being in 3-D. - Incubus, Pardon Me
5780 It's so much better when everyone is in. Are you in? - Incubus, Are You In
7345 What if mothballs hanging around too close to microwaves suddenly woke up and said take me to your leader? - Incubus, Take Me To Your Leader
7683 I feel the fear of uncertainty stinging clear, and I can't help but ask myself how much I'll let the fear take the wheel and steer. It's driven me before, and it seems to have a vague, haunting mass appeal. - Incubus, Drive
7708 I suggest we learn to love ourselves before it's made illegal. - Incubus, Warning
7782 Isn't it weird that a privilege could feel like a chore? - Incubus, Privilege
7995 The day you were born you were born free, that is your privilege. - Incubus, Privilege

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